24 February 2012

Walking Before Midnight

I really hate when money decides to tighten up.  Really.  I know it kind of comes with this time of year, but that doesn't make it any easier.  On the brighter side of the issue, it kicks my ass into walking more and to strive for other ways to tighten the metaphorical belt.

I remember the days when being broke just meant an avenue for another adventure.  I didn't know how I was going to get the next pack of cigarettes, the next drink, gas for my car--now I budget for all of those things and can afford them (save for the gas issue, that's null and void).  It's the money leftover after all of those mandatory purchases that gets me down.  Bills are paid, amenities bought, and the leftover money is just a dwindled sum that gets to sit there for the next two weeks.

Such is life, though.  

I've got another brief article up on Examiner.  It's just a short blurb about the Sasquatch music festival, but there are some pretty decent acts on the bill this year.  Worth $315?  Don't think so.  But it's still a pretty good lineup and I'd probably go for free if someone offered me a ticket.

That should be about it for today.  I'm working a lovely 10-7 shift today which is fine because that means I'm not closing!  Next week is a different story, but I'll relish in this whole not closing thing while I still can.

1 comment:

Blimey Harry! said...

Sometime being a grown up is not fun cause I feel like we just work to pay bills. I know it suck when you work for 2 whole weeks and most of your money goes on bills. Life suck sometime.


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