12 March 2012

Drunklight Savings Time

For one reason or another, I came to the realization Saturday night that no matter what--spring or fall, I am ALWAYS drinking and/or drunk when daylight savings time hits.  In the fall, this is great.  I get an extra hour of partying and all is right with the world because, lo!  The night doesn't have to end for one more hour!  Upon this realization, everyone raises a glass in celebration and we cheers to the debauchery to come.

This past Saturday's case was not cause for celebration (considering the day after, anyway).  My body is changing.  I'm getting older.  It's a fact of life that this simply happens.  You know those dreaded things called hangovers?  Yeah, I didn't start getting those until about six months ago.  My body's reaction to booze as of late has been increasingly unpredictable.  I can have a night of whiskey and mixed drinks one weekend and be fine.  I'll wake up, not feeling any different than my waking state of any other day and I'll continue about my business as usual.  The next weekend I could imbibe in the same exact drinks, following the same exact drinking routine, and I'll wake up with my head splitting.  I don't understand it.  I digress.

This past Saturday was one of those nights that I didn't want to end.  They don't happen very often.  I mean--when I have fun, I have fun.  There's no other science to it.  But most of the time, the night reaches a certain point at which two choices can be made.  One--keep drinking until you pass out.  Two--quit while you're ahead and go to bed.  Those are about it.  Saturday I was pretty drunk, yeah, but I was nowhere near the point of passing out and everyone just seemed to be in such great spirits that night.  Seeing everyone line up that way just doesn't happen all that often.

SO--thank you, daylight savings time.  You gave us a reason to celebrate, to regret drinking that much the night before, and an opportunity to totally and completely not give a fuck about anything the next day at work.

Side Note--on said day that I didn't give two particular fucks, a manager approached me and commended me on my change of heart and positive attitude.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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