06 March 2012

Seattle: A Formal Apology

Right around the time we went to Newport, Lairen and I also took a day trip to Seattle.  It was the week before I took my trip back to Fort Wayne and I guess I was just a little too caught up in things to make a formal post about the trip and share all of the wonderful pictures I took.  So, Seattle--overdue apologies for ignoring you and creating this belated post almost two months later.

Despite a slight misadventure on the way (really, read all about it--you'll be happy you did) our day in Seattle turned out to be nothing more than a short, sweet, relaxed day spent wandering around a city that wasn't our own.  In usual tradition, Lairen and I got a little shutter happy and I am more than happy to share the results that came of it on my end.

The beautiful thing about rest stops on the way to Seattle?  Free coffee.  That's right.  And cookies.  As Dean said best, "The combination of 'free' and 'coffee' is the most beautiful phrase in the English language."-- Take THAT 'cellar door.'

There's a little alley near the Pike Place Market.  It's chock FULL of little ethnic restaurants and for whatever reason, I found this particular sign quite catching.

Dammit, Dean.

I absolutely LOVE the red neon weaving through this structure.  With the skies so blue above, the neon made for some great photo opportunities.

The next few come from series of bricks with words carved into them.  I'm thinking about putting together a gift of some sort using these, but I'm having a difficult time deciding what and for whom.  It'll come to me though! 

I hope this satisfies your Seattle appetite for now.  I will continue this post soon, as there are TONS more photos to share.  



laurenjeanallece said...

I was seriously just thinking about how i never posted pictures from Seattle.

Time to get on that.

Otter said...

Looks beautiful. I'd love to see some of the art galleries around that area.


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