10 March 2012

A Small Success is Still a Success!

I sold my first round of zines on Etsy today!  A kid from Ireland wrote me regarding shipping over there and as I only really care about getting my writing out and not the cost that lies therein, I tacked a dollar onto the cost of a lot of all three issues.

I know it's just one round and one person, but still--that was enough to put a spring in my step for the day.

If any of you are interested in buying, the zine store link to the right takes you right to my Etsy page as well as the imbedded link in the first paragraph.  They're done on a made to order basis, and I'll be doing my first round of shipping this Wednesday. So get those orders in!


laurenjeanallece said...


I'm so proud of you!!!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...



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