26 March 2012

Weekly Gratitude

It hasn't been an eventful week, but it's been one that's put things into perspective.

Dean has had a little trouble with his insurance company regarding his upcoming surgical procedure.  They were at first claiming that the problems he had were from a 'pre-existing' condition and if that were the case, they would not be covering his surgery.  He then had to go through the process of jumping through several bureaucratic hoops of getting the proper information sent to the insurance company from his doctors to prove that his problems were not pre-existing and had been only recently diagnosed.  Upon receiving the adequate information, the insurance company informed him that the processing time was between ten and fifteen business days.  He found this out when surgery was scheduled for five.  Because of this, he was forced to re-schedule his surgery for the end of April after having mentally prepared himself for a surgery that was initially slated for tomorrow.  I know this is kind of a ridiculous process, but I'm grateful that the worst that I've ever had to deal with as far as insurance companies go is faxing in my status of full-time student to guarantee coverage.

I find it completely ridiculous that at times it can take this much hassle just to achieve wellness.  Isn't that what's supposed to be more important anyway?  Not paperwork, not semantics--the health and well being of the individuals placed under your care.  It seems that these days, documentation and proper processing times are more important.  It's sad to me, but I again am grateful that it's never really been something that I've personally had to deal with.

I'm grateful that work hasn't been as rough lately.  I still dread going in there, I still hate the fact that it more or less has destroyed my social life as of late--but at least things there have been busy.  We are supposed to be getting our annual reviews this week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the raise I've been anxiously waiting for will find its way to me.  I've worked too hard and for too long not to get one so if it doesn't happen, I may just leave on the spot.  That'll keep things interesting, right?

I'm grateful that my dearest Amber will be visiting Portland in just a few weeks!  I saw her once in January when I went to visit.  She got sick and wasn't able to make the travel from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne as much as she would have liked.  It'll be good to catch up and get to spend some good, quality time with her when she makes her way here in April.  

I hope things for you and yours are looking up and forward to spring!  The temperatures are getting a bit more tolerable here, but still--mostly gray skies and drizzle.  What is with this weather, anyway?


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

What a hassle. Insurance companies can be such a pain.

As for your weather -- gray skies and drizzle -- isn't that what the northwest is all about? ;)

laurenjeanallece said...

I think the NW is on the same health insurance plan as Dean and it's just taking too much time to get a refill on its mood stabilizers.


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