06 March 2012

Weird Tapioca and Robinyourgrave.com

Dean and I tried out a new Thai restaurant last night, City Thai located in Hillsdale.  It was reasonably priced and satisfied our cravings perfectly.  The meal (Dean had Pad Thai and I had an awesome red pepper curry) topped off with a free, unexpected dessert--the image shown above.  It was the most bizarre tapioca pudding I've ever had.  See those yellow spots?  Yeah, that's corn.  CORN.  Never thought to put corn into a dessert, but it worked famously and was absolutely delicious

In other news, I broke down a purchased a domain name for this little blog here.  If you have this bookmarked, you will now be able to access my blog at www.robinyourgrave.com. 

Yeah, I know--it's a little vain, but who cares?  Not me.

Thanks for reading!


laurenjeanallece said...

how do you set up a domain name?! that is awesome!

Oh, and because I have to...


There. Done. Sorry about that.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

That's an interesting looking dessert. My husband loves Thai but I developed an aversion to it when I was pregnant and never seemed to have gotten over it. Maybe I should try again; it's been a long time.


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