30 March 2012

WIth Any Luck

I'll be updating more soon, I promise.  My work schedule has been less than desirable and I finally reached the point where an ultimatum had to be given--schedule me less closes or I'll be going down to part-time in two weeks to regain control of my schedule.  I'll be closing tonight, tomorrow night, Sunday night, and Monday night.  My schedule for the next two weeks?  Closes, scheduled solid.  Pending this trend continues, that means I'll be back to seeing Dean a whopping twice a week.

I've been with this company for too long and I make far too little to have to deal with this shit anymore.  I finally reached the end of my rope and am taking matters into my own hands now.

Hell, during the post-holiday lull in sales there were part-timers who were getting more hours than I was.  I'm not worried.  Either way, no matter what happens, a positive change will come out of this situation.   

So, once again, apologies for the lack in updates as of late.  Though the overall climate at work has gotten better, the schedule is stressing me out.  It doesn't bode well for writing or creativity at all.

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