13 April 2012

We All Love Cliches, Don't We?

As people say, "when it rains, it pours," I generally look at them and think to myself, "well, if that's the case--you're doing it wrong."  Turns out, that seems to be how it goes.

It's been a rough few weeks, definite ups and downs and it seems as of late that the downs are outweighing the ups.  Not to make excuses, but this accounts for the general lack of posting on here.  I've let my foot step off the edge of this flat-pancake earth and have neglected my need to create.  I haven't been writing, my journal is lonely, and I've let the day to day suck me in and hold me in its gut.  Not to worry.  It seems as though the storm hovering above us will soon depart and all will be back to normal.

To update on the ups, I got confirmation of my acceptance to Portland State University.  I will be attending my orientation and class selection in June and will be all the while eagerly awaiting my first steps onto campus as a fully enrolled student.  I've never taken the time to explore the campus, but the location alone is desirable enough.  It's located right in the heart of downtown Portland, surrounded by various locally owned  businesses, food carts, the Cheerful Tortoise, and many other niceties the city has to offer (did I mention the Cheerful Tortoise?  Yes?  Well, I'll mention it again--the CHEERFUL FUCKING TORTOISE).  When I worked downtown I didn't get much of a chance to explore.  Going to school there will allow me the opportunities that I didn't have when employed there and I'm looking forward to an all around enriching experience that I've been waiting for.  Also, upon filling out information for my financial aid today, I discovered that the cost of attendance is literally a third of the cost that I was paying at my previous university in Indiana.   I'm happy that this time around the financial strain will be lessened and it's one less thing I need to worry about so I can keep my focus on my studies.

On the down side--finances have been a little rough.  Dean received a bill in the mail for a sum much larger than he was expecting to pay for his upcoming operation.  Haggling with credit card companies and insurance companies has become a theme as of late.  I received a notice in the mail as well for a sum totaling higher than I was expecting to pay as well.  Tightening our financial belts has been a strain, but once all is said and done--we will be healthy, relieved, and happy that everything is said, done, and over with.

To add insult to injury (see? Everyone loves cliches), Dean and I were in a car accident en route to my place of employment on Tuesday.  We were pulling out of our apartment complex and were t-boned by an impatient driver who didn't feel like waiting in traffic any longer.  She admitted fault and, once again, haggling with insurance companies is the lasting theme in this story.  Dean is okay, I was slightly injured.  I went to the doctor yesterday and after examination it was determined that I tore a muscle in my back due to the impact.  My doctor gave me an anti-inflammatory injection along with a regimen of muscle relaxers and naproxen to ease the pain during the 4-6 week healing process. 

Things could have gone much worse.  We were hit in such a way that the only damage the vehicle sustained was a bent-in tire.  One foot further and the other vehicle would have smashed into the driver side door.  We have spent the last few days recounting the accident and being incredibly grateful that it didn't go any worse than it did.

On a positive note, Amber has been in town for the last week.  She had an anthropology conference to attend during the latter half of this week, so she flew in on Friday to extend the vacation and visit with Dean and I.  It's been a delightful week of food, beers, and general camaraderie.  It's always great to see friendly faces make their way out here.  It's been a while since we had a visitor and we welcomed the distraction with open arms.

Another bright end of the tunnel note here--I recently had my annual performance review at work and had an opportunity to vent my frustrations with my current employment woes.  My boss had no idea what was going on, and upon discovery--I was offered a raise and a return to my old stock position.  I will be returning to the glory of a set work schedule (no excessive closes anymore!) and higher pay.  It was incredibly stressful getting to this point, but I feel now that it all actually paid off.  I feel that I'll finally be getting my life back.

Hopefully these situations relieving themselves will kick me back into my regular posting schedule.  Apologies again for being a bit absent. 


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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Glad you weren't hurt too badly in the accident. Must have been pretty scary.

Best of luck with school!


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