16 May 2012

All Is Quiet

Sometimes the sun does wonderful things to our apartment.  Sometimes it does not.

Wow.  An early morning post.  Haven't done one of these in a while.  I woke up with my alarm instead of battling my snooze button several times before traversing the space between my side of the bed and the coffee pot.  As an above average start to my day, I'd say that my hopes are residing in the notion that the rest of it will follow suit.

I'm going into work an hour early today to get a few extra things done.  It's kind of a weird feeling to be motivated for once.  I guess not having to deal with needy customers all day will do that to you.

In other news--the UFO Festival in McMinnville is this weekend.  I haven't been this excited about something in a while.  There are a couple speakers that have some interesting things to say (a Naval scientist who now is a leading researcher in UFO studies and an individual who claims to be a part of a multi-generational abduction case) as well as costume contests, a screening of Mars Attacks! and a film contest.  Nothing excites me more than the prospect of seeing a bunch of nerds running around in alien costumes.  

I'm glad that things have calmed down enough around here to enjoy the little things.  Like the way the light hits our record player during the sunset.  And the way the frogs sound when I walk past my favorite meadow in the morning.  And seeing a lone duck just chilling out in the mall parking lot when I near my place of employment.

Never underestimate the little things.  It seems that lately the 'little things' kind of end up being big things when they draw one out of a lingering rut.


TeaShop said...

I love the last line <3

The little things ARE so beautiful and really noticing them changes your life. Luff yew.

laurenjeanallece said...

Only thing that could make it better? Put a little hat on that lone duck.

(Dean is going to murder me for that one)

Adam said...

I've always hated the mars attack movie

Ioana-Carmen said...

Chic, Chic baby! do you like the ideea of following each other?;X



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