04 May 2012

One Life Goal Down

Last night I was catching up on some long neglected blog reading and writing and while looking at my stats, I found another blog that had been directing traffic my way.  Out of curiosity I clicked on the link, wondering why this one blog was directing so much traffic to mine.  Turns out, the writer is a guy named Taidgh Lynch from Ireland.  

Back in March, Taidgh happened upon my zine on Etsy and personally e-mailed me in regards to acquiring some issues as I don't offer an international shipping option directly on my Etsy store page.  I gladly sent him some zines and charged him a couple dollars more for the added shipping costs.  He thanked me for my shocking reasonable demeanor regarding international shipping matters and less than a week later, my zines were his.  

This is a blog post about a day he spent with my zine.  I've always said that one of my biggest personal goals is to inspire someone, to change an individual's way of thinking for the better.  I've always wanted to do this with my words, my writing, pouring my heart and soul into pen and ink.

I feel like I've done this, unexpectedly, to persons unknown.  Finding out this way was just the boost I needed to get through these last few weeks. 

If you don't have copies of any of my works, the link to the right will direct you to my zine store.


dean omite said...

that's fucking awesome.

Taidgh Lynch said...

Hey, Robin, thought I'd drop you a comment. Glad you found my blog and my post on Bird Shit. I don't really advertise my blog so it was a surprise that you stumbled onto my post. It's as close as I got to a review. Maybe one day I'll put my head down and write a more complete review.

A lot of readers want to be inspired by what they read and are actively looking for ways in which their thinking can be challenged and changed for the better. I'm one of those readers. Thank you.


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