09 May 2012

Young Sirens Wail In a Skewed Sense of Glory

I woke up for work yesterday in my normal fever, scrambling around the apartment, gathering my things, advancing out the door with my typical sleep addled mind.  I progressed down the stairs, flipping on my Beach Boys Pandora station in preparation for my two mile walk to work.  I arrived, clocked in, and was ready for another normal, average day.  It ended up being a day full of news, positive and negative, and the events carried on through today.

I took my first ten minute break around nine.  This is when it all started.  I found out that Maurice Sendak had passed away.  My first thoughts were the typical, "awe, that's too bad."  As the hour grew, though, a sadness started billowing; clouding my focus for the greater part of the day.  The more I thought about it the harder it was to hold back tears.  I felt like a huge part of my childhood was just gone, lost.  It's kind of like watching the Disney movies that you used to watch as a kid.  The second that Buena Vista castle pops on the screen, the tears start coming.  I know that the next time I open up a copy of Where The Wild Things Are, it's just not going to be the same.  I know that these things all come with growing up and all, and hell--for all I knew, Maurice Sendak was already dead.  Hearing the news and having that be one of the first media stamps of the day was bound to set me off balance.

Later on in the day, the news came to me that North Carolina voted for the amendment banning gay marriage, civil unions, and anything in between.  When shit like this happens, a little piece of my heart just breaks.  It baffles me that people still care so fucking much.  The only reason I care is that we need to discontinue these constant setbacks and embrace the times--there is nothing shameful about being gay.  Sexuality and gender are two things that are left entirely to the individual.  We were born the way we were born for a reason.  Who has the right to say that we are wrong in thinking freely about love?  Who has the right to put a title on love?  Why do the parts between our legs have to define who we are and aren't allowed to be with?  The pursuit of happiness?  I call bullshit.  If that's what this country was really about, gay marriage would have been legalized across the board years ago.  

Oddly enough, on the same day that this dreadful amendment passed, Tom Gabel of Against Me! came out to the public as transgendered.  She will soon be living her life as Laura Jane Grace and undergoing the necessary treatments in preparation for the changes to come.  Lots of people out there are disgusted, offended, and are predicting the death of Against Me!.  Me?  I'm fucking thrilled.  This took some serious guts to do.  Living with gender dysphoria  is something that I've never experienced (nor do I ever wish to) and I'm sure that it's one of the most difficult situations an individual could be in.  I've been uncomfortable in my skin, sure.  That's called being an awkward teenager.  Something like gender dysphoria, though, when every waking moment is a nightmare that you can't pinch yourself out of, yeah, no thank you.  Laura coming out the way that she did (a Rolling Stone article that you can read here) took more guts than I can fathom.  It's huge news and I'm sure this isn't the last that we are all going to hear about it.  Though some are showing their largely bigoted sentiments, it seems that the overall reaction is of genuine love and support.  

Then today, after this shocking announcement, President Obama publicly announced that he completely supports gay marriage.  There really isn't much more to say other than that I am exploding with joy right now.  Obama 2012!!!!

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