20 July 2012

Absolute Disgust: A Dark Knight Experience

I got out of work around 10:30 last night and the only conversations being held with my co-workers were voices of excitement at the midnight showing of Batman last night.  It led me to recount my experience with the midnight showing of "The Dark Night" a few years ago.

I couldn't remember if I was closing at Blockbuster or my current place of employment, but it was late.  I clocked out around eleven, changed, and went to my car.  First stop? Gas station.  I was exhausted, so loading up with caffeine was a more than necessary excursion needed before viewing the movie.  I bought two caffeine tablets and a Rockstar.  I left the gas station and pulled into the theater, tickets in hand, only to stand in line and wait some more.  In the meantime, I chased those two caffeine pills with said Rockstar.  I wasn't going to miss this movie.

The doors opened for us and the line started filing through.  Excitement filtering through our countenances, we found our seats and prepared ourselves for what we were convinced was going to be one of the greatest movies of all time.  The movie began and in awe, we all watched.  

About 45 minutes into the film, the screen went black.  You know, that scene when the Joker is about to crash the fundraiser for Harvey Dent?  Yeah, then.  The screen went black, the lights went on and we all thought it was just part of some special midnight showing theatrics.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  

The usher announced to all of us that 'the building has been deemed unsafe to inhabit' and the entirety of the theater had to be evacuated.  Worry, confusion, and misunderstanding plagued the audience.  I was one of the few who was still convinced that it was some theatrical joke.  I stayed in my seat and silently laughed at the buffoons leaving the theater who actually fell for this.  And then an usher came to our row and told us that we had to leave too.

As the confused patrons exited the theater, we were donned with vouchers to see the movie at our next earliest convenience.  Upon talking to a police officer outside, the knowledge came to us that a bomb threat had been made on Coldwater Crossing.

Happy for our safety but irritated at my current caffeinated state, we made our way home to extend our evening into odd hours re-watching the first of the trilogy and venting our frustrations.  Our rag-tag group spent the night at my former boyfriend's apartment and woke up at nine am to return to the theater and redeem our vouchers.

Hearing about the tragedy that occurred outside of Denver last evening reminded me of this event, and saddened me greatly that someone would take it upon themselves to destroy something that is supposed to be fun, exciting, and pleasurable for all.  My heart goes out to the dead and their families, and I hope for the healing of the injured.

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