25 July 2012

Full Swing

A very quick, very short update:

I came back from my Fort Wayne vacation with a few goals.  

1) Cut meat out of my diet.

2) Start rolling my own cigarettes.

3) Finally get my chest piece finished.

I am eight days meat free, still haven't started rolling my own smokes, and am waiting for a final drawing of what my completed chest piece will look like.  I'd say being two for three isn't too shabby.

In other news, I'm excited at the prospect of Dean getting into photography.  He obtained some free film from work (score!) and thought it a great excuse to finally make an honest attempt at the art.  Some time this week I'm going to give him a crash course with my Rebel and see what kind of brilliance he's able to shit out.

I was off at three today and don't have to be in to work until one-thirty tomorrow.  So, I'm going to publish this post, eat my food, and drink a bottle of Lambrusco to myself.  

Happy Wednesday! 

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