04 August 2012

Weekly Gratitude

It's common knowledge that I'm not a big fan of the heat, especially when residing in a top floor apartment with no air conditioning.  It's supposed to hit the triple digits today, a first for this year's summer in Portland.  

Though the heat strikes us down, I'm grateful for the awesome events that summer brings.  Last night we went to the start of the annual Smmr Bmmr fest they have over at Plan B every year.  Outdoor music under the stars, beers flowing like water, new and old friends coming together as if we'd all been family for years; I felt like I was at an outdoor party back in Indiana for a while.

Today I prepare to do it all over again.  I had plans to go on a river float with Heather but without realizing I had been awake for twenty-two hours straight, I slept right up until 10:15.  

I am grateful for today, brunch and drinks with friends, the second night of Smmr Bmmr, and no other way to beat the heat than by braving it together. 

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