14 September 2012


2012 has been a year of changes for everyone in our little circle of friends.  For one, all of my school and work bullshit that I've been going on about for sometime has finally come to fruition and I look to the start of my fall term here in about ten days.  When I initially decided to go back to school in January, it felt like it'd never get here.  Now I'm on the eve of the start of the semester and the nerves are piping up, the excitement is overwhelming, and I have nothing but unwavering support from Dean, friends, and family.  It feels good to be alive right now.

In light of the start of the semester, I also scored an interview with the Portland State University Vanguard (the student newspaper) on Monday and I couldn't be more stoked.  It's always refreshing to have a paid position in a field that you enjoy working in.  This doesn't happen enough for people my age, and I have nothing but gratitude for them giving me their time and my undying pursuit of happiness.

The other day, Dean and I made the not so great decision of going on a two-day bender.  It all started with me walking out of my job.  The next day, he was off of work so we decided to get drunk on wine & whiskey.  The morning after followed and all we wanted was a cheap hangover breakfast and some hair of the dog to ease our (well...Dean's) suffering.  With both goals accomplished, we kept the cocktails coming.  Before we knew it, we were leaving the Dugout (the bar at which our morning niceties were acquired) stumbling and headed to the grocery store for a case of bear to consume at home.

Beer in tow, we made our way home and a not-as-long-as-expected period of convincing came into play.  Dean and I began conversing about careers, about passions, about life in general.  With what he wants to do with his free time (book bands, network with musicians, merchandise), the growing necessity to be connected with the world at all times became something that he could no longer ignore.  We were in the beginning stages of convincing Dean to get a smartphone.

Yesterday morning after his realization, we made our way to the mall to price plans and phones.  He decided to stay with his current provider, but bought an Android outright and has now joined the modern age with the rest of us.

To those of you who personally know Dean, it was a big moment.  Finally recognizing and embracing technology was something that I knew would come for him, but had this revelation not occurred--who  knows how long it would have taken.

So, with that said--Congratulations, Dean.  The modern age welcomes you with open arms.

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