30 September 2012

Pac-man Hates Ghosts

Photo yanked from Sara's Facebook page
This was too awesome not to share.

A friend of mine from high school who, sadly, I haven't spoken to all that much in the course of the last few years was involved in a peaceful protest on her campus.  Apparently there were several preachers and other religious zealots raiding her college campus with signs preaching their message and her school's athiest/agnostic association gathered around silently with various ridiculous signs that didn't necessarily garner any sort of message--they just made the preachers look more ridiculous.  

Congratulations to all involved for putting that glorious first amendment to the test.  And giving us all a few laughs.

You'll find Sara above holding the "Pacman Hates Ghosts" sign.

You can read the entire article about it here .


1 comment:

Adam said...

I love protests like that. She had a great sign.


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