18 September 2012

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Last November I took a little staycation.  It was nice, you know.  It was mostly me, by myself, decompressing from months on end of ceaseless working.  I didn't do much.  I sat around, dreading those precious six days ending.

It's been a week of being unemployed now and I'll say this--It's nice not having to go into H&M, but trying to find things to keep busy throughout the days is exhausting in and of itself.

I got the itch to clean the apartment the other day.  I threw on some Dion and the Belmonts & Beach Boys records and went to town.  It felt good and productive and it was as if I was actually making something of myself.  But it didn't last for long.  When I finished scrubbing down the bathroom and getting the grub removed from our living room, I sat and marveled at a clean apartment and then muttered to myself, "Now what?"

Dean put it best when we were talking about opposite long, drawn out periods of time spent alone.  It's like this--there are a plethora of things that I could be doing.  I could crack open a new book, I could work on my German vocabulary, I could go for a walk, I could work on my zine, even playing video games helps kill the time in an entirely counterproductive manner.  But when you're not used to living alone, when you've seemingly always got that counterpart with you at all times--so many of these things just completely lose their meaning and fun.

Yesterday was a little different, I suppose.  I went to campus to interview for a writing position in the Arts and Culture section of the student newspaper and to take care of a little school business.  The interview went really well and the editor seemed quite impressed with not only my resume but also my body of work in general.  He is sending me today a few story pitches that he wants me to give angles and leads for, just to make sure everything will work out with my employment on the paper.  I think they will find that I will make a great fit and hopefully I'll move into that editor position as soon as possible.

Being a staff writer is going to be a bit different than what I'm used to.  The last two publications that I worked for proved that I can move up pretty fast as far as writing goes.  I think at IPFW I wrote as a staff writer for maybe one semester before locking in that editor spot.  In high school it was only a year.  Having to start at the bottom again is going to be good for me, though.  Everyone needs to be knocked off of that high horse every once in a while.  It keeps you humble.

Today I start with trying to turn things around a little.  School starts in less than a week.  It's time to lock in that productive state of mind.

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Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Good luck with the writing position and school in general. Congrats to you for taking control of your life. Sounds like you are really ready for the next chapter of your life to begin.


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