12 October 2012

And Now For Something A Little Different

I'm going to flat out say it--

It's been extremely difficult to keep this blog up while the throws of academia are keeping me comsumed.

I realized yesterday that midterms are already coming up a week from Monday.

That was fucking fast.

 I have a music presentation to give for my German class, I am starting the beginning stages of my final research paper for my writing class, and my Gender & Sexualities class is keeping my mental wheels turning like no other class has done before.

So--with that said.  I want to try to take a multimedia approach to good 'ol Great White Appetite.

A lot of other blogs do it, sure--but I think doing this for a while will keep the posts flowing without being overly text heavy because I'll just face it.  I don't really have time for that right now.

This song is fantastic.

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