07 October 2012

I Know a Place Where a Body Can Hide

Every once in a while an album that comes around that moves you to completion, solidifying any notion of doubt that may have been floating around in the mind about anything.  This new Murder By Death album "Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon" is doing that to me right about now.

I'm feeling stir-crazy, I haven't left the apartment since Friday.  I've been waist deep in homework, writing while following the guidelines of my professors and all but forgetting the sound of my own voice. 

This album reminds me of my voice.  It sends a notion of clarity drifting through the smoke of my apartment, clearing the smoke from my head all the while.  

The number of trips I've made to the coffee pot, the immense amounts of cigarettes I've smoked over the last two days, this raging headache I've had ringing through my brain because of the work I have to do--somehow it's just made okay by the songs soaring through my speakers right now.

My only advice to you--get this album NOW.

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