22 January 2013

Blog For Choice, 2013

What a weighted topic.

I mean, really.  It's always hard starting off posts like these because the labels 'pro-choice' and 'pro-life' don't even begin to scratch the surface of the complexity of this discussion.

For the sake of delving into each and every intricacy that I could, I'm going to just come out and say it--I am pro-choice.

I am pro-choice not because abortion is the choice for me at this time in my life, but maybe someday it could be.  I don't know what's going to happen.  I don't know where I'm going to be in 20 years.  I have no idea what my future on this grand earth holds for me.  What I do know, though, is that the option is there and I am grateful that women before me fought to make that a possibility.

I am pro-choice because birth control is readily available to me.  40 years ago I would not have been able to walk into a Planned Parenthood and get a 100% financially-covered IUD.  I would not have been able to go in and get the medical services necessary for women to lead healthy lives without scrutiny.  Older women who are close to me would not have been able to go into a women's health center and get the mammogram that she needed to discover that she had breast cancer.

None of the above instances have anything to do with abortion, but in my opinion--the women who fought for my rights way back when fought for me to be able to seek the care that I need. 

They fought for the women I love to seek the care that they need.

They fought for every man who loves a woman and wants to keep her alive and healthy.

They fought for us to be able to choose when we have families without succumbing to the nonsense of an abstinence-only lifestyle.

They fought for my ability to keep others' religious beliefs out of my uterus.

I am pro-choice. 

 The meaning is in the phrase.--the right to choose to have a family, the right to choose not to. 

Ask any pro-life activist if given the choice, which would they prefer to save--an unborn embryonic cell or a three year old child.  According to their rhetoric, they are one in the same.  But each and every time, I guarantee they will vouch for the three year old.

If, according to their standards, they are one in the same--why is this such an easy call for them to make?

That, right there, is why I am pro-choice.

Don't hinder my ability to make personal medical decisions.

Those choices are in nobody's hands but my own.


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, someone approached me at a mall to sign a petition trying to prevent an abortion clinic from being put in the area. I refused to sign. I think the woman was quite surprised that a pregnant woman could support choice. People are strange.

Tameka said...

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