27 January 2013

Face Up, Face Down

I'd like to think that superstition is not something that I fall victim to on a regular basis.

If a black cat crosses my path I don't shudder in fear.  I chase it down and try to make friends with it.

In my teen years I broke a mirror (not from making ugly faces into it, I assure you) and I kept it around until I moved out because I was too cheap to buy a new one.

I've walked under ladders countless times, not in an effort to break a standard or prove a point, but because in my previous working environment ladders were everywhere and sometimes walking under them was just unavoidable.

There are two superstitions, though, that I follow almost exclusively.  I can't define why.  I can't explain it.  I can't break the trend.

The first one is entirely self-created based on a series of circumstances that I won't go into entirely, but it merits mentioning.

For a while, each and every time I heard Nirvana on the radio in a moving vehicle, something bad happened.  The bad events ranged from coming home to a house without power, car accidents, breakups, and so on.  So, as I sit here in my mid-twenties reflecting on past events--I will still tell the driver of whatever vehicle I am in to turn the station when a Nirvana song plays on the radio.

So there's that one.

The second one is a common adage, popular with most everyone.

If I find a penny face up, I always pick it up.

I don't inherently believe that this will bring me good luck.  I don't believe that if I ignore it I will then, in return, have bad luck.  Luck is something that we make for ourselves and no animate or inanimate object can influence that.  But, alas, for one reason or another--I always make sure to pick up that penny.

It doesn't make its way into my wallet, more often than not it winds up in my pants pocket forgotten.  Forgotten until, inevitably, it ends up on my bedroom floor face down.  

Here's where the problem lies.

As soon as I see that face down penny, I absolutely refuse to pick it up even considering the fact that when I initially picked up that penny, it was face up and symbolic of the old superstition that good luck will be soon to follow.

Somehow, magically, the face down pennies eventually disappear (either pushed into the closet somehow or collected by Dean, who knows).  But, I can assure you, for reasons unknown to me, I will always pick up those face up pennies and leave the face down ones to meander into obscurity.

If someone can explain this to me, please do. 

1 comment:

Adam said...

I think missing pennies go into the same invisible vortex as socks


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