18 January 2013

I Never Thought I Would Post About This

So get this.

I normally don't give two shits about mainstream media and the majority of the bullshit that it has to offer.  Television contests are nothing but a huge collaborative pissing contest mediated by judges that fail to mask their domineering superiority complexes.

I understand this.


A friend of mine that I've known for years (karaoke at Babylon? Anyone?)  was able to proudly announce last night that he is going to Hollywood and competing to be the next American Idol.
I am in shock.  Not because he doesn't have the talent to be on the show.  He is very talented and I knew it would only be a matter of time.

I am shocked because this kid has a dream, and he's following it.  Wholeheartedly, without fear of disappointment, with an understanding of how hard it's going to be--dearest Joel Wayman is following his dream.

So, congratulations buddy.

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