20 January 2013

Lack of Photographic Evidence

So last night Dean and I went to The Know for a Faster Housecat/Hungry Tiger show (are you getting the theme here?  No?  I'll spell it out for you. Cats.) and before we left the house we noticed that a rather thick fog was setting in.

The weather here has been fluctuating, sure, but before leaving I pulled up the weather on my phone and saw that Portland was under an air stagnation advisory.  I thought nothing much of it, didn't really know what that meant for us in our outs and abouts, so we went about our business as usual.

We left our apartment and made our way down Multnomah Blvd and onto I-5.  The fog was getting progressively dense but the traffic was moving smoothly.  I warned Dean that it wasn't that I didn't trust him behind the wheel, it was that I didn't trust everyone else.  Portland drivers are notorious for not understanding how to deal with inclement weather situations and it was my understanding that a fog as dense as this would lend to similar actions on behalf of the Portland motorists.

Progressing toward our destination, the fog became increasingly thicker as did the majority of the population that was on I-5 at the time.  Traffic became backed up, people forgot how to merge onto the thoroughfare, and Dean and I finally assessed that Portland drivers don't do well with fog. 

 Or rain.  

Or snow. 

Or normal weather conditions, for that matter.

At a certain point on I-5, one can take in a pretty breathtaking view of the Portland skyline.  The lights glow and reflect off of the river creating a visually stimulating painting that only those who have lived in a city on a body of water can truly understand.
Last night, though--there was almost no skyline to be seen.

The fog was so dense that upon looking over to where the skyline would normally be, seen only was a misty abyss that instilled the impression that either the power had gone out in downtown Portland or the buildings were missing almost entirely.

I quickly opened my phone upon Dean's suggestion to check for power outages in the city.  It didn't seem that the fog was dense enough to entirely obscure the skyline, to make it look like there was nothing there at all.  We began attributing the traffic conditions to the possibility that lights weren't functioning, that people were making their way out of downtown due to the power outages.

Upon reaching a certain point on the highway, we were able to see a glimpse of the skyline and were reassured in the fact that yes, Portland was still there and the entirety of the city had not been subjected to widespread blackout.

So what was the cause of people driving like morons on the highway?

Fog.  Yes, friends.  Fog.

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