19 January 2013


If you are under the impression that we are living in an ugly, terrible world--you are sorely mistaken.

Each day we are taken in by the less than admirable.  We have a tendency to look at things as ugly, as undesirable.  

Oil slicks running down the gutters in city streets, smoke emissions making their way into our air supply, lines of traffic constantly keeping us from reaching our destinations.

Though these things may seem inconvenient, ugly, awful--I truly believe that some form of abstract beauty can be found in all of them.

Last night Dean and I watched a documentary titled Samsara.

It looks at beauty ranging from natural wonders of the earth to the systematic endurance of human life.

Some of the images are startling, some hard to watch.  But thinking on it abstractly, with an open mind, this wordless narrative can provide us all with a greater insight into what beauty really is.


Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Looks like an interesting and gorgeous film.

lauren jean allece said...

So excited to watch this!!! And nose off to ya (from a shiksa such as me) on the new layout, I love it!


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