05 February 2013


Some people think that seasonal affective disorder is a joke, but I beg to differ.

While I am being incredibly productive, doing well in school, and overall just sitting pretty with minimal stressful situations; for one reason or another, I am just plain old bummed out.

There is really nothing in my life going on that is out of the ordinary.  Sure, we had to push back our Fort Wayne trip due to unforeseen issues with vacation time and flight costs which is a total bummer, but other than that--nothing is incredibly striking as depressing, stressful, or anything in between.  We just re-vamped our apartment, cleaned out our closets (literally and metaphorically), and we have had opportunities to hang out with friends in a variety of celebratory circumstances (Shamoo's new house, Maggie's birthday, etc), and both Dean and myself have been incredibly productive with our publishing endeavors.

But still--something just feels off.

I am ready for the sun, and if not sun--warm rain.  I am ready for progression toward alleviating this cloud that seems to entirely encapsulate me most of the time.

I'm not even a sad person.  I'm just--in a funk, I suppose.

I'm sure I am not alone in this sentiment, but as I feel so ready for it to lift itself up off of me--I am sure that you, faithful readers, feel the same way.


Danielle Spillman said...

WORD. I don't know where I would be at if mother nature was not giving us little breaks of sunshine every few days. Spring kind of fucking rocks.

lauren jean allece said...

I'm actually writing a post a lot like this. I know there are concrete reasons I've been so sad lately, very real reasons, but I do have to get a handle on myself and remember that this weather is probably not helping at all. Meh.


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