01 February 2013

So That's What Being An Adult Feels Like

Yesterday took quite a few unexpected turns.

I know you're all very curious, so I'll start at the beginning.

Over the last few months I decided that I wasn't the biggest fan of our apartment.  We pay too much for what we have, there are virtually no amenities, and our kitchen hasn't been remodeled since the early 1970s.  We have olive green counter tops, brown tiled floors, and the plywood in our cabinets sheds onto our dishes.  Not a very happy apartment indeed.

It is no use moving because Dean and I have moving plans for when I graduate college next year.  So, we decided to renew our lease for another year and tough it out until the time comes to high-tail it the hell out of here.

With that said, in an effort to make our apartment more livable (at least on my terms), I kind of went overboard on the cleaning for a while.  Everything was pretty sterilized, nothing on the kitchen counter tops, living room immaculate at all times--you know, that kind of thing.

The other day we got the burrs up our asses to do all of our bedroom laundry (you know, blankets, comforters, etc).  We threw out our old pillows.  We had no pillow cases for them so they were all pretty filthy and we were going to go to Target while our blankets were drying to get new pillows and new pillow cases.  What happened next was something that nobody expected out of Dean and I.

Not ever.

We got to Target and procured pillows and then started eying the pillow cases.  We found the ones we wanted and the idea struck us--

Why spend the money on matching pillow cases if we don't have a comforter to go along with it?

So we started shopping for comforters to match our pillow cases.  We found one, added it to the cart amongst the pillows and cases we had already picked out.  Then we thought to ourselves, "well now we have an all-black bedroom set with a comforter, we should probably get some sheets to go with it too."  So we bought sheets, something that we always thought frivolous and unimportant (mind you, we slept on a mattress pad atop a mattress and box spring laden with a wide assortment of blankets not resembling any kind of bedroom set that ever existed) was now the source of most of our excitement through our entire shopping excursion.

So, item one: check.  After converting our bedroom into our own personal nighttime paradise, we started thinking about the other rooms in our apartment.  The next item of business was our bathroom.  Dean suggested that we needed a new shower liner and upon shopping for liners, I thought, "well, why don't we just get a shower curtain too."  So, new item of business:  bathroom re-decorating.  We added a black shower curtain to our cart and started thinking about shower caddies, bathroom tumblers, and soap dispensers among other forms of bathroom organization.  Though we didn't purchase all of these things last night, we got home and promptly made a list of all of the new necessities that we want to make our apartment our own little safe haven away from the world.

Room by room, we started thinking about things that would not only make our apartment look better, but we were searching for ways to make it more comfortable for us.  Our apartment is not tiny, though the way we had things organized and set up made it feel a lot smaller than it is.  In our living room we had this giant black bean bag chair.  It sat in the middle of everything and took up way more space than we actually had.  Sure, it served as a nice alternative seating arrangement when we had people over, but it was still massive and over the last few months it started getting on my nerves.  I finally was able to talk Dean into getting rid of it, and so we donated it to a friend of ours who wanted it around.  It's amazing how much larger our space appears and it's a less stressful environment for productivity.

So now, updated living quarters in mind, we are continuing our search with a new futon cover, drawer organization for the bathroom, and we are gutting the perimeters of our apartment; discarding what is now unnecessary and moving forward toward having an apartment that feels more like home.

Though many of you, I'm sure, experienced this kind of awakening ages ago, it was something that took a while for Dean and myself.  We always thought of these things as frivolous and unnecessary, but now in getting older, it just makes sense to dress things the way you want them.  It's no longer frivolous if it's something that adds comfort, security, and that sense of 'home' that people like us struggle to find.


Amber said...

About damn time. Welcome to being an adult my dear.

Anonymous said...

Shelf liners are amazing in the kitchen. Just saying

lauren jean allece said...

I love this! I get the strange urge to fluff my apartment all the time - especially in winter. It's an extension of your personality and seriously, seriously impacts your mood (which is why, when I'm down, you'll often find me at Ikea, haha).

Can't wait to see the new look! And have a moment of silence for the mod pod.


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