14 March 2013

It Happened Again

Remember that time a few (several) weeks ago when I said that I was going to make a more valiant effort at maintaining this blog?  Well, I tried.  And, once again, I failed.

This semester has been a complete and utter nightmare and, as the last day of my spring classes commences, I am here to assure you that hopefully next term blogging will remain a higher priority.

Have any of you ever had to take a research methods class?  Well here is the run down of the one that I just finished up with.

We learned what an academic research study actually was, we delved into every little intricacy of qualitative and quantitative research, and then had to conduct a study ourselves.  Doesn't sound so bad, right?  Well, the majority of the points derived from the course work comes from group work.  


Group work.

Here's the problem with this.  

I don't play well with others unless it is at my own volition that I do so.

Being forced into a situation in which I rely on other individuals to help me craft my own grade does not sit well with me.  With that said, it has been a rough term.  Several arguments, attempts at jumping out of a fourth floor window, and a stalker situation that I would rather not go into later--the term is almost over.
Please, join me as I let breathe that beautiful sigh of relief.

1 comment:

Taidgh Lynch said...

I remember taking a research methods class. I hated working in groups when it came to projects in my design course. As if working on ones own isn't difficult enough, having to carry a few others is a nightmare. The lecturers knew this and I am sure they get a good kick out of this predicament.

Good to see you back!


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